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What you didn't know about wearing girdles

by Raul Sanchez April 15, 2016

Discover benefits you didn’t know about wearing girdles

All we can think of when we talk about girdles is about looking great. And that’s one of the main reasons people purchases c section fajas but, there are many other physical and psychological benefits a compression garment can offer to you.

colombian faja

These following reasons to buy and wear a shapewear take you beyond the initial “shallow” feelings when it comes to compression garments and will tell you why women love to have a faja in their wardrobes:

fajasIt’s like a therapy

Wearing a girdle gives you a comfortable pressure in your tummy, and when your body feels this natural sensation, making you feel less anxious, decreasing depression or panic attacks, the same way a supportive hug does with your emotions. So we can say is similar to a therapy.

girdleGood for your back

Many people deal with back aches just for having an incorrect posture. Girdles can prevent back injuries, improving your posture and give you lumbar support as well. This is good for several reasons. Correct postures can avoid headaches, injuries, scoliosis, tension in neck and shoulders. If you want to know more benefits, see why to use an everydayuse faja. 


When you look nice, you feel good. And that’s why wearing a girdle will improve your self-confidence. You can’t deny, when you look in the mirror and you’re happy with yourself increases your confidence and you’ll enjoy more your physique.

weight lossA complement for proper weight loss

If you’re working out and are in a fitness routine, the support a girdle provides you in your belly will make you lose weight, in those areas where you need the most. Wearing a c section girdle when you exercise will help you to sweat more, liberating your body from toxins but at the same time letting your skin breathe.

Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez

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