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How to achieve the perfect bodyshape

by Raul Sanchez April 22, 2016

Change your habits and achieve a perfect bodyshape

For most people is obvious that having a perfect bodyshape can’t happen from one day to the other, and if it happens too fast it’s probably self-destructive. But it doesn’t mean there are several ways to improve your diet and change your into a better lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight in a short term period in a healthy way.  So you can take a look to the following steps to have a better routine that will help you achieve an hourglass figure.

goodDrinking water

We’ve heard during our whole lives that drinking water is an essential. And of course it is true. 8 glasses of water is good for getting rid of all the toxins your body doesn’t need, helps you to increase the amount of calories you burn during exercises and if you drink at least 2 glasses before your meals it reduces your appetite that means you’ll be eating less and you have lower risk of weight gain.

healthyDon’t skip any of your meals

Most people think that eating less times a day is a right way to lose weight. But on the contrary it slows down your metabolism and increases the insulin response of your body, making you more difficult to lose weight. So, is better if you start your day doing a balanced breakfast that will tell your brain you’re not starving the rest of the day and will not make you eat impulsively.

bodyFocus on eating healthy

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a good way to start. Most of them have lower calories and fat, and also have the nutrients your body needs to function well and the fiber keep you fully so you’ll feel satisfied and will not starve. Also substituting any kind of dessert with fruits will help you to have a balance. It’s important to decrease the amount of carbs and include protein in your diet. On the other hand, forgetting about sugar drinks is a way of reducing drastically your caloric intake without changing too much your diet. We have 4 diets for you here. 

coolMake a workout routine

Having a better eating habit is good, but doing exercise is indispensable if you really want to have a gorgeous body figure and lose way in a short term. So it’s necessary to include it in your daily basis. Choose the workout that’s better according your body type and your goals.

fajasWear girdles

A compression garment is a cool way to have a nice bodyshape in a quick way, you just have to wear it immediately will notice the results, especially if you want to complement all the changes you’ve done in your routine and it works if you’re exercising and want to burn more calories, they’re also great. A Colombian faja will make you look sexy, since they flat tummy, are butt lifter and will help you to look stunning. Discover what can they do for you here. 

Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez

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