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Colombian Fajas: Best Everyday Use Faja

by Raul Sanchez January 19, 2016

Which one is the best Everyday Faja to wear under my Favorite Clothes?

Many times we are in front of a situation that needs for more than a nice dress that matches elegant shoes and the perfect makeup. Is right there when we are in front of a mirror that we notice an important little detail, we can see the underwear marks and the chubby sides marking through the dress! This is not flattering, therefore we must go to a garment used almost from the beginning of “modern” times, that grandmas loved on their time, a secret that Hollywood actresses and some actors don’t let slip out.

The Colombian Fajas are fundamental tools to get a beautiful silhouette and hide any imperfection visible under clothes, like chubby sides that escape on the sides or the bra marks that make the back look full of bulges.

Diane & Geordi has in their wide catalog two specially thought fajas for this goal, shape and define hips, flatten the tummy, rise the butt and flatten back bulges.


Faja  Fajas Under Dresses

When you want to use a fitted dress, that show every curve or one made of the softest silk that embraces the body like a glove, is necessary to take in count that everything, and is Everything! will be marked on the fabric. Whether is underwear on those few pounds the gym has not removed yet.

That is why the Colombian Faja  2396 Liposuction Bodyshaper is great when a short dress is the one for the occasion, because not only flattens the belly and shapes the hips but the cut is perfect to be used with over the knee length dresses or on the contrary for a casual going out with shorts or short skirts.

Faja corta

It sticks to the body like a second skin making it practically invisible, its seams are strong and the shoulder straps keep the Compression Bodysuit in place while you forget you have it on.

There also are longer models that reach to the knee, to have a deeper effect, completely shaping thighs, flattening imperfections and softening the skin to give a full soft look, while shaping hips and lifting the butt, giving it a round shape that will look great with any clothes, while flattens the belly and the back bulges.

Faja Larga


The 2397 Postsurgery Girdle is perfect to be used, just like the previous one, under night gowns, to shoe a perfect and shaped silhouette.

Both models are perfect for everyday use, with any type of clothes, from shorts to jeans, and long skirts, because the material are design to adapt to the bodyshape, no matter the size and to allow who is wearing it to feel comfortable walking, dancing or just doing house shores with the safety of everything to be contained and shaped as you want it to.

Besides, the are the most recommended fajas by doctor after undergoing any surgical procedure, because on those moments the skin and tissue are going through a recovery and un-swelling process that must be co helped with the postsurgery and compression fajas, that not only prevent the liquid retention on the treated zones but they relieved some uncomfortable feelings that might appear during the recovery process.



The Compression Bodysuit are the best option when you want to look beautiful, flawless and with the perfect silhouette.

It isn’t necessary to be a super slim woman to use them, showing the natural body curves is the best way to show who you are and with the right shaping garment  any dress will look spectacular on you.

Even the most recognized actresses wear them to look stunning, is a way to bee the whole day long with a high self-esteem, knowing you look perfect with little effort.

Everyday use fajas are perfect for all the rutine an active, hard working and modern woman needs, one that wants to look and feel safe and good from the morning to the end of the day. 


Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez

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