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Men's Underwear: Why is important to have the right underwear?

by Raul Sanchez February 04, 2016

Men's Underwear: Why is important to have the right underwear?

Digging deep into Men’s underwear

To say that everyone thinks men’s underwear is just a simple item that might be dispensable, is something not proven therefore unrealistic. But that doesn’t mean that everywhere we turn our heads to leads to a female undergarment ad campaign, changing shapes, colors, fabrics, to make them as sexy and gorgeous as possible, and what happens to the male department?, it remains untouched, using male models or celebrities to boost the sales, but rarely changing a thing in the manufacturing of the boxer itself.

They are a very important undergarment that every man must wear to avoid damage on the delicate skin of their jewels and to keep them secure from external infections.


Geordi’s boxers are made of cotton fabric that helps to maintain a flow of air on that area that might get too hot on some weathers, which is not the best temperature for the sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of, especially if you want to have kids in the future, because the sperm production can decrease when men wear too tight underwear and everything is squish together, making it too hot for the male parts to be fresh enough and causing sperm decrease.

Geordi’s Boxer Briefs are made to be worn with every type of pants or even sweat pants, keeping everything in place without being too tight.

Have you wonder why some men feel the need to re adjust their underwear every time? That is because they are using the wrong size and they need to move some things around to be comfortable with their undies or because the lack of them at all, which is not advisable.

There is a size and model for everyone and knowing the correct size is important to be comfortable throughout the day. Just as the perfect tie puts together an outfit, you should have the perfect male underwear to put the final touch to your everyday.


Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez

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