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Diane & Geordi Everyday Use and Post Surgery Fajas

by Raul Sanchez February 18, 2016

Diane & Geordi Everyday Use and Post Surgery Fajas

Why choosing Diane & Geordi over Other Brands?

Starting a new lifestyle is one of the most difficult things to do, first because you need to change your full schedule to fit all the new things you want to accomplish and second, because you change your life for good.

Starting a new sport or in other cases a healthier and cleaner life requires for you to choose the best things to help you achieve your goal and continue on the right  path.

If what you want is to have the most gorgeous body, with lean thighs, a small waist and lifted bootie then you are looking in the right place, because Diane & Geordi have devoted their time and resources to give you the best body shaping garments, to push you forward enjoying your life with the best fajas you can find.

But the brand is not only focused on Women, Men are also a priority and that is why all male underwear are made with the greatest care, to have male underwear that is not only functional but also comfortable and perfecto to fit any kind of body type, because men need the best quality in undergarments.


Postparto The Most Effective Postpartum Girdle


After birth, a women’s body goes through big changes, from having to breast feed to dropping a little of extra weight, but the flabbiness of your skin will remain there for about six weeks after giving birth, that means that you will have to wait a little bit to fit back into those skinny jeans you loved so much after getting pregnant.

With Diane & Geordi Postpartum Girdle, you can fit right back into those jeans and any kind of clothes you like, because the compression of the faja helps your belly to be tuck back in place, helping your body to heal quicker. Besides it prevents the skin to move in a uncomfortable way.

By leaving all the caring of your belly to the faja, you can focus of the really important task at hand, that or those beautiful bundles of joy you brought to the world, that need you now more than anything.


Post parto

Faja  The Most Comfortable Everyday Use Girdle

Some people might think that using a girdle is the most unfashionable thing in the world, but few really give it a second glance to the benefits it can give you.

  • It will instantly change your waist line, because it compresses your belly and flattens back bulges.
  • Shapes your thighs and hips to give a soft and clean look to your skin, without being restrictive of movement.
  • Enhances your posture, because even if we try to stand really straight, after a long day of running errands and being super active, the posture can get a little hunched. And Diane & Geordi Everyday use Faja, helps to keep a straight back and in addition, lessening back pains

See? There are a lot of benefits by using a compression girdle, and the best part is that, they are invisible under clothes, and its different styles allows you to wear them under any kind of clothes, even evening dresses.


Faja uso diario

Boxer cortoThe Best Boxer

 Men underwear might get a little cast aside because the market is full of women’s undergarments, but Diane & Geordi really think about everything for their clients, and take the biggest care into making male underwear as comfortable and practical as possible, because what better than not to think if the hem of the boxer is going to show over your slacks or if they are too tight for comfort.

Men need to have different lengths in underwear but with the same comfort, to be able to choose what to wear and not so much if the underwear needs to be move around for it not to bother during the day.

Even if your size is large, you can be confident that all boxers will keep you comfortable and not too tight for you to feel that uncomfortable feeling of being trapped of your clothes.


Try the most comfortable male underwear at Diane&Geordi.us
Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez

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