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Why use an Everyday Use Faja?

by Raul Sanchez March 02, 2016

Why use an Everyday Use Faja?

Benefits of Wearing and Everyday Use  Faja

Fajas aren't a magical solution to all your weight problems, they can’t instantly make you lose those extra pounds, but they can certainly help you look slimmer, fitting into your favorite clothes and hide those hideous back bulges bras love to squish out for everyone to see.

Girdles are not only are meant to make your waist line smooth and shaped, but to make you stand straight so your back can have that sexy line that makes you look even taller and to hide the chubby sides over your jeans that make you look wider than you are.

You can try finding a better jeans or slacks size, even shorts but if you have extra skin because you lost a lot of weight recently and need to hide it or if you just need to tuck a little here and there the best you can do is use an everyday use girdleand rock that outfit.

Body   A great model is the 2411 Women's Faja Colombiana Reductora


Faja front

Thump up What you need to know

  • This Compresion Faja has a comfortable front closure zipper with a little hook and eye at the top to help you close it and make it stay that way.
  • The girdle is made out of a comfortable fabric will not only make you forget you have it on, but it will hide that little under boob fat that might show with really tight clothes.
  • The shaper has adjustable shoulder straps to fit you no matter your high.

Pin This model is also ideal to be used with shorts and skirts given its upper thigh cut, which gives you a wide range of clothes choices while you rock a perfectly shaped bottom and curvy hips


Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez

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