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If you have spent time and money buying faja and you don't see the results you expect, this blog is for you. Here you will find all the information that you should take into account before buying a faja, the types that exist, tips on how to start using them, and their benefits according to the design.

To begin with, we can define a faja as a garment that has different objectives, whether it is aesthetic, sports or occupational. Faja exert pressure on specific areas of the body and are divided by compression levels. They can have different purposes: relieving pain, inflammation, repositioning organs (postpartum or cosmetic surgeries), posture correction, size reduction and shaping some areas of the body.

You must keep in mind when you are going to use them, how they work and the compression level you want. Taking this into account, which is your ideal shapewear?

If you are just starting out in the world of shapewear and you haven’t had close experience with one, you can start with the seamless line - low compression bodysuits where you will find tank tops (2205), bodies (2145), or panties (0S1003); These are seamless garments, with smooth, ultra-soft finishes that provide comfort as if it were a second skin.

Topless sculpting tank top (2205)

Topless sculpting thong bodysuit (2145)

Seamless boyshort panty (0S1003)

You can use these garments in your day to day due to their comfort. They will allow you to do different activities such as going to work, playing sports, going to the gym and spending time with your family.

On the other hand, we have the medium compression PowerLight line. This line is a series of body shorts (3639) or capri type (3636) faja, made of knitted fabrics, which provides greater compression, comfort and also helps correct your posture.

Topless sculpting mid-thigh bodysuit (3639)

Topless sculpting above the knee bodysuit (3636)

These fajas are ideal to complement your outfits, especially when you wear tight clothing to show off a slim figure without the shapewear being noticed. They have a medium core control and its fabric is breathable, which will keep you cool and safe throughout the day.

Then we have the high compression Microlatex line. This line consists of faja made of microfiber and an internal layer of latex, which is an elastic material that adapts to the silhouette, helps define and mold your body and has a thermal effect. You can find capri style shapewear (002409), waist trainer (002386), vests (002397) and bodysuits (002375).

Topless sculpting mid-thigh bodysuit (002409)


Waist trainer (002386)


Topless sculpting tank top vest (002397)

Topless sculpting bodysuit (002375)


This type of faja allows you to compress the abdomen, shape the waist and enhance the bust. It also has thermal technology due to the latex that increases perspiration and burning toxins and as it is made of microfiber, you don’t have to worry about sweating.

Finally, there is the PowerControl line of maximum compression. These fajas are made of Powernet, a breathable and highly resistant fabric, which molds the figure to the maximum and corrects the posture. You can find long jumpsuits (DC08L9), tank tops (2410), and shorts (DC06L9).

Sculpting above the knee bodysuit (DC08L9)

Topless sculpting tank top (2410)

Sculpting mid-thigh short (DC06L9)


This design has many important features, such as shaping your silhouette after an esthetic or medical procedure. They have maximum control, which allows you to correct your posture, lift your glutes, and define your waist.

In conclusion, you should always take into account what level of compression you want (low, medium, high or maximum), determine if it meets the benefits you are looking for and if it is comfortable for your mobility and your daily activities in general.

Remember that the fabrics are breathable, which will allow your sweat to evaporate quickly. Do not forget to choose a neutral color that is easy to combine with most of your outfits. You can go for a black faja if you wear dark colors or nude if you prefer to wear light colored clothes. At Diane & Geordi you can always find your ideal faja.


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