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celebrate World Environment Day

Every year, on June 5th, World Environment Day is celebrated, an occasion to reflect on the importance of protecting and preserving our natural environment. In this blog, we will explain some environmental challenges we face and how each of us can take action to make a difference and create a more sustainable future.

Some of the current environmental challenges are:

Climate change: Global warming and its impacts on the climate, ecosystems, and human life are one of the most urgent challenges we face. According to WWF, with rising temperatures, the polar ice caps melt, sea levels rise, and agriculture suffers, endangering food security.

Pollution: Air, water, and soil pollution pose a threat to human health and the balance of ecosystems.

Loss of biodiversity: The destruction of natural habitats, overexploitation of resources, and pollution are causing an alarming loss of species worldwide.

What actions do we implement at Diane & Geordi to generate a positive change?

Promote sustainable mobility: Use public transportation, employees share the car with several people during their commute, many of them use bicycles as more sustainable options that help reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.

Water conservation: Adopting efficient water use practices, such as repairing leaks, water treatment through our treatment plant, push system in the toilets to save water in each flush, are actions that help to preserve this vital resource.

Use of usable waste: Some of the solid waste that is used in the company for the circular economy are: fabric scraps for cleaning activities, cardboard tubes are reused in the process of cutting inputs for clothing, the spools are returned after being taken to the satellites and are reused in the process of spooling elastic, bias and lace.

It is important to recognize that our individual actions gradually contribute to environmental conservation. Good practices make a difference and create a pleasant and healthy environment to live in. Remember: It's not just about talking about sustainability, but being sustainable in our actions and decisions!

Source: UNESCO https://es.unesco.org/commemorations/environmentday


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