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How do we recycle

at Diane & Geordi?

At Diane & Geordi, we are committed to good environmental practices. For this reason, we want to tell you about some actions we implement in our processes to reduce waste and minimize the impact it has on our planet, while being responsible in the industrial process.

One of the processes we carry out is the return of containers of chemical substances used in dyeing processes. The containers that contain the chemical substances are returned post-consumption in order to reduce the generation of hazardous waste and minimize our carbon footprint. The company has strategic allies who recover both metal and plastic containers and repackage all the substances required in the dyeing process.

In addition, we carry out the internal cleaning process with the textile waste generated in the cutting plant, which is used throughout the company for reuse. The maintenance area uses it to clean machinery, equipment, tools, or inputs that are contaminated with grease, dust, and oil. The dyeing area uses it to clean the tools used in textile printing, as well as the machinery and equipment used in stamping. Other areas use it for cleaning and disinfecting their equipment, tools, and workstations.

We carry out a process of reusing recyclable waste for circular economy purposes, such as paper and cardboard, in different company activities. Some of these include:

We reuse the leftover white paper from the molds and patterns to make new white sheets that can be used for printing or according to the need.

Cardboard boxes are reused for the transport of orders, shipping of garments or gifts, and transportation of important raw materials.

These are the waste materials that are used in the company and are sent to a waste management company who collects, transports, and utilizes these waste materials to create new products and reintegrate them into the economic cycle.

Get to know these and other actions that we carry out at Diane & Geordi to manage the environment according to our values and commitment to the planet. It's time to say, "I am sustainable.

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