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How to choose the

perfect gift for mom

On May 14th, we celebrate Mother's Day and there is nothing better than surprising her with a gift or detail that makes her feel important and makes her day special. That is why Diane & Geordi invites you to recognize the characteristics that identify your mom and thus choose the right gift. There are different types of moms, and today we will teach you how to recognize which type of mom you have and additionally, we will give you gift options that we know they will love.

First, we have classic moms, those who are more reserved and careful; women who are excellent cooks, can prepare traditional dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation; they are those women who have their closets full of timeless pieces that will never go out of style, basic and indispensable items that make them feel comfortable.

For them, we have designs that will provide a comfortable and stylish experience. Lingerie is always a good detail! (4001) (2895) (021643) (000078) It will make them feel beautiful and with just the right touch of elegance. These are garments with the right support, their fabrics and silhouettes will allow them to have freedom of movement and a softness that feels like a second skin.

If you don't identify your mom with those characteristics, it's time to introduce you to the fun mom: a woman with a cheerful and contagious personality, who enjoys special moments and always has a positive attitude; they are women who love pretty and fun prints, they like comfortable clothing that doesn't mark the skin, especially if they have an active lifestyle or if they are constantly on the move.

In this case, we have a series of recommendations that are more than amazing. Take note so that you can surprise your mom with the perfect set of underwear for her (021701) (021683) (090078) (012372) with vibrant colors, animal print patterns, transparencies, and all the comfort she needs for her day-to-day life. In addition, you will find designs with benefits that provide greater breathability and quick drying that will protect her from possible skin infections and irritations.

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If you are still not sure about your mom's profile, we present to you the risk-taking mom, a woman who doesn't take herself or situations too seriously, who is willing to experience new things and live adventures. She may be outgoing and always knows how to have a good time and how to make others feel happy in her presence.

A risk-taking mom in terms of fashion is someone who dares to try new things, who is not afraid to stand out, to be different and who is willing to experiment with unconventional styles; that's why we suggest different color combinations, mixing textures like lace and transparency, as well as using striking accessories that highlight her outfits. (022685) (090080) (011378) (021507)

And now that you have found the profile that fits your mom's characteristics, don't wait any longer and bring the perfect gifts to celebrate this special date with the best quality and comfort from Diane & Geordi. Visit our stores or place your order through our website We're waiting for you!

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