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Women's day is more than just a date, it is an opportunity to celebrate gender equality and the struggle of every woman for an inclusive world, without stereotypes or discrimination.

Today, March 8, we want to celebrate together the commemoration of International Women's Day, thanking each of the women who make this dream possible every day thanks to their work and effort; it is for them that we want to raise our voices and show them that they are very important in the construction of a company that works with women for women.

It is time to recognize the importance of their work and their essence as women, giving us joy, witticisms, moments of laughter and also being an example of courage, resilience and love in each of their actions, with which they contribute to the growth of the company and the fulfillment of their personal goals.

It is a day full of gratitude and happiness, where we want to highlight all their virtues and qualities that make them unique, a day for them to raise their voices for their rights, for everything that represents them, for their desires and what moves them.

Today we celebrate women's empowerment and the struggle for gender equality, we want to honor the women who have transformed the world and those who continue to do so. May this day be an inspiration to continue fighting for a future in which all women can reach their full potential.

May this day be an inspiration to keep fighting for a future in which all women can reach their full potential. That is why Diane & Geordi, in honor of all the women who have left their mark in every step, wishes you a happy day.

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