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We have one thing in common: we wear bras. A femenine item that we use almost everyday to complete our outfits, however, sometimes we ignore all the details that we should know when it comes to buying them. That's why we're glad to tell you the 6 special characteristics that our Diane bras have, making them a MUST in your closet.

- Natural push: it's important for them to have the ideal last, giving the breast a harmonic visual effect. In this case, our classic bras now have the powernet technology, making them comfortable and (even more) longlasting. 

- You should choose a design that meets your needs. Have in mind if you either have small breasts or heavy ones, if you're looking for something that can aid your back pain, or if you're only seeking for a bra that'll make you look and feel comfortable. Diane & Geordi brings collections with different references that help you get the best of each item knowing their designs will adapt to your needs. Between all the options you'll find: full cup, triangular cup, high coverage in the lateral area of the bust, wide and removable loaders, rods that stylize the figure and even high support to avoid 'rolls. All of this while using the best inputs and fabrics on the market for its production.

- Tull and lace are essential options, since they can get you out of trouble when you need brass or bralettes that are not only comfortable but give you the security to feel 'sexy', with various designs that bring life and sensuality to your outfit. 

Sports bras: a MUST for your everyday routine. They come up to be extremely comfortable and supportive since they're manufactured in the highest quality poly-cotton, providing softness and freshness, especially for those days when we perform physical activity. 

If you thought that was all, behold. You can also find post-surgical bras, a PREMIUM design that includes pre-lasted cups, front clasp, flat seams, no hoops and even an Olympic back design. All the benefits you need after some intervention. 

- Finally, if you like necklines, you should acquire a 'push up', high enhancement bra, increasing, centering and lifting the bust. An ideal for those who have small breasts.


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