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Mother's Day is coming up and with it we want to give you some ideas for family plans that will surely get you out of your routine. This is the opportunity to share and enjoy, giving meaningful and fun experiences, leaving incredible memories that will accompany you always.

Our first option is a plan that doesn't require much budget, but you do need to make the most of your creativity. In this case, it's a picnic, which you can do in a park or green area, you'll need some details like a blanket, a basket and even cushions; don't forget the food, snacks are very important, drinks, utensils to eat, games and most importantly, choose the appropriate outfit to be comfortable and cool to enjoy the day.

For this plan, we suggest wearing light or loungewear clothing (DWS1C2) (DWI1C2), to have freedom of movement, picnic clothing should not only be comfortable but also stylish and this outfit has both; don't forget to combine this look with a pair of sneakers to feel comfortable.

On the other hand, if your mom likes plants (like almost everyone), animals and nature, the perfect plan will be outdoor activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, a bike road trip or going on an excursion to nearby towns. These activities require not only physical effort, but also an appropriate outfit that will be indispensable for it to be a pleasant and fun experience.

In this case, we recommend sports clothing (DO01D2)(DO02D2) (DO03D2) that is breathable and quick-drying to avoid excessive sweating and bad odors, resistant clothing that provides comfort and ease of movement, as well as choosing comfortable and well-gripped shoes that allow you to walk with peace of mind. Remember that although it may not seem like it, the clothing will determine how good the development of the activity will be.

Finally, we present a plan that your mom will surely love, as it will be a moment of peace, tranquility and lots of relaxation. That's right! A spa day will be an activity that will help her reduce stress, massages will activate blood circulation and she will be able to enjoy a Jacuzzi that will work as hydrotherapy to relax muscles and release physical tensions.

For this activity, we recommend wearing comfortable underwear (0S2005) (022389) that makes her feel comfortable and allows her to enjoy each of the spaces available in the spa, sauna, Turkish bath, massages, facials and more. This will be the perfect opportunity for her to rest, feel comfortable and return to her daily activities like new.

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