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Reasons to wear a Postpartum Girdle

by Veronica Cammara May 22, 2017

Reasons to wear a Postpartum Girdle


I know you may feel concerned about how your body looks after delivery no matter the type of birth you’ve had.  Some warn about the risks of wearing “ the best girdle after pregnancy” , nevertheless, I recommend ignoring all those stories that are just part of myths. The correct use of a postpartum girdle helps you to strengthen all the affected muscles during pregnancy, as well as to reduce sizes of the abdomen until getting back to place.

Guidance about using the best girdle after giving birth varies depending on the conditions of labor. For this, I suggest you consult with your doctor when is the ideal time to start wearing your postpartum girdle. If everything goes well, my advice is to start using your postpartum girdle at least 4 weeks after delivery. Now, consider the following recommendations that I bring for you today:


Which girdle after pregnancy works best for you?

After pregnancy, your body needs help to retrieve its shape, as the growth of your belly affects the stretching of your skin. Taking care of this, is one of the main functions of the best after birth shapewear , since it maintains the whole area firm, helping your organs to adapt and to regain properties which are lost after all the hormonal changes. Always remember that this garment should not be used immediately after delivery, you must wait at least what we call the “quarantine period” after childbirth.

Wearing the best girdle after giving birth not only helps you recover your figure, it will also give you the following benefits:

  • Corrects your posture and provides support.
  • Returns to its place your backbone which during pregnancy suffers due to all the extra weight.
  • Its inner hypoallergenic features, prevents injuries or allergies, making it more comfortable.
  • Helps your abdomen get back to its previous size.
  • Lets you breastfeed without discomfort if wearing.

Around 40 days after delivery, and when you feel your body is ready to start using a postpartum girdle , choose the product that gives you the results that you’d like to obtain. Even though there are many brands, types, and options of girdle after pregnancy , I think the ideal postpartum girdle shapewear are those that compresses the area of ​​the abdomen, and has leg or thigh coverage for more control effect, making the recovery process more effective.

There are 2 types of material postpartum girdles are made of. When selecting one, consider the type of delivery you’ve been through. In the case of a cesarean, use Powernet compression girdles. Powernet is an elastic material that perfectly molds and adjusts. It is usually paired with a layer of cotton that helps your skin breathe while offering a higher level of compression. In caesarean sections, choose an inner latex-free best girdle after C section , since it can produce heat in the wound area and your recovery can be seriously compromised.

There are many models of girdle after pregnancy with Powernet . The best way to choose one that helps to reduce sizes is to consider the areas covered. You can choose girdles with multiple functions like butt lifters, bust free or posture correctors, according to your preference. Here I leave you my recommendations of Diane & Geordi postpartum girdle , which are more that ideal to fulfill your recovery needs.


best girdle after C section


In case of natural birth, you can use girdles with Powernet or a postpartum girdle with latex to help accelerate the process of flattening your waist and belly. Visit the product recommendations and start achieving your goals.


after birth shapewear


How long do you need to wear a Postpartum Girdle?

There are different opinions. Everything will depend on your doctor’s indications and if you feel ready to wear an after birth shapewear . However, it is advised to wear a girdle after pregnancy for 8 hours a day, for at least 16 weeks. This period is thought to be enough to regain your height and weight. After these 16 weeks, wear your girdle as long as you want.

Veronica Cammara
Veronica Cammara

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