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Shapewear for exercising?

If you are a woman who likes to exercise and don't know whether or not you should wear a shapewear while doing it, or the types that exist, you are in the right place, I'll give you the help you need.

 The use of shapewear in the gym is not bad, but we must keep in mind that we can’t use any kind... the most recommended are those without seams or those made of microfiber, let's see why:

 Seamless shapewear:

 This type of shapewear has no seams or underwires, they’re ultra-light, and have less compression. Imperceptible under any sportswear and are very comfortable and allow for greater mobility when exercising.

 Microfiber shapewear:

 This type of shapewear has high compression and is thermo-reductive which helps burn fat faster, because it makes the body sweat even more. They're tighter to the body, providing greater support.

 Here are some of the benefits to wearing shapewear for sports: 

 -Gives greater support when performing any exercise, helping to avoid possible injuries.

-In case of using the microfiber shapewear, it burns more fat and helps to reduce it.

-Helps to shape the body.

-Corrects posture.


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