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Men's underwear has changed over time and now we find lingerie for men that provides different styles according to its design; in this blog you will find different options that will help you discover the silhouette that best fits your needs.

A short boxer (GG11B2) is ideal for those men who enjoy physical activity and who work mainly on the upper body, as this will prevent rolling and cause annoying friction on the skin. This type of boxer will provide a perfect fit to the body, provide freshness by being breathable; its wide elastic will keep everything in place, being comfortable and making you look sensual with the openings and details that accompany it. If you want to wear something different and that shows your personality, start with some Geordi Pride.

If you are more daring and like lingerie with interesting and innovative details, you can choose tulle or lace briefs (GG03D2) (GG10B1), which have a tight silhouette and double clip for better support and ease of movement; this design is ideal for sports thanks to its coverage, comfort and protection. The tulle being a woven lace adds elegance, romance and sensuality to your body.

As for women's lingerie, tulle and lace are the stars, it is a fabric that you will surely steal all the looks with, as it will make you look elegant, sophisticated and raise your self-esteem, making you feel secure at all times. The transparency of the garment makes you look delicate and sexy, as well as making you feel good, as it emotionally fills you with energy and comfort for your daily activities.

One of the favorite lace garments for women is the panties (022647), mainly because of their comfort since they don't squeeze or mark; this type of lingerie will make you feel free, you will have the ability to move without difficulty and you can wear them every day very comfortably in any activity.

On the other hand, a good brassier (011374) can become your best ally, as it is a garment that accompanies most women daily and for that reason you must take into account its comfort and support. In the market we find plain and lace bras, this time we will talk about the designs that have lace fabric, which have various designs such as: enhance the bust, stylize the chest and you can use it on romantic occasions by combining it with clothes that highlight you making you look sexy.

Finally, we have the sexy lingerie (013240) that you can use both for sleeping and for special occasions with your partner, as they are fresh and comfortable garments that will make your nights an opportunity to enjoy incredible textures and sensations. In addition, it will always be necessary to have this type of lingerie in the closet, because you deserve it, sometimes it just has to be for you, you deserve to look and feel beautiful.

Lingerie was created to be worn with security and sensuality, discover all the designs we have at Diane & Geordi and don't miss the opportunity to look incredible.

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