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Top 5 Boxers You Must Have in Your Closet

Men mostly look for comfort, durability, and style in their underwear. In this blog, we want to teach you 5 designs that you must have in your closet without fail and the characteristics that you must take into account when choosing your ideal boxers.

If you like risky and innovative designs, you can choose a boxer with a design, such as our cotton and mesh reference (GG01L6), which will give a different touch to your look, since it has side cuts in mesh at the level of the thighs, a detail thought for all those who look for more daring and out of the ordinary garments; this boxer being made of cotton will provide comfort, softness and as a natural fiber, it allows quick moisture absorption, preventing bad odors.

Medium boxer briefs made of luxury combed cotton and mesh (GG01L6)

A classic brief (5178) is necessary to have the proper support, as it keeps everything in place and provides greater freedom of movement in the legs; this is a tight-fitting design that will give you security and versatility, since you can use them with different outfits and avoid marking or discomfort, preventing irritations in the genital area and decreasing heat.

Hip briefs made of premium combed cotton (5178)

Men's underwear evolves and the ankle boxers (GG03C8) arrive, which among their qualities maintains body heat, so it is used in cold climates, has a tight-fitting silhouette and a double clip with elastic in the contour for better support; this boxer is also a good option for physical activity, taking into account that they control humidity and prevent excessive sweating; it will be an incredible option if you are looking for 100% comfort.


Full-length leggings made of premium microfiber (GG03C8) 

On the other hand, there are boxers with fun prints that give color to your underwear (GG25L1); you will find them in an endless number of designs, colors, and prints that you can choose according to your personality or tastes; you can find them in cotton and microfiber, fabrics that provide comfort and their tight-fitting silhouette allows for perfect support.


Medium boxer briefs made of premium combed cotton (GG25L1)

Finally, we have the basic solid-colored boxers (5082) that you can wear with everything. They are an incredible option for everyday use and you can combine them with all your outfits feeling always comfortable, since their silhouette fits your body; these are the favorites for most men who opt for sober and elegant designs that they can wear and combine without problem.

Medium boxer briefs made of premium combed cotton (5082)

Taking into account the above, we invite you to know the boxers and briefs that are available for you at Diane & Geordi. Discover all the benefits that we have for your comfort and freshness in day-to-day life with all designs in different lengths, colors, prints and fabrics.


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