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Choose the best look

for Valentine's Day

It's likely that you've thought about what you're going to wear on Valentine's Day more than once. According to your plans, you can consider what type of outfit is appropriate to highlight your attributes and especially add details that will surprise your special person; you can go for a set of sensual and delicate lingerie, a lace body that makes you look daring, or if you're a comfort lover, you can combine a bralette with a panty in the same tone that will make you look amazing and sophisticated.

The ideal is to break the routine. Dare to wear daring and sensual garments that will boost your confidence, making you feel charming; combine your look with a lace set (012341) (011379) that highlights your figure, the color ignites your senses, and the texture is the star. In this celebration, lace is ideal to wear in your lingerie; panties (012384) (022685) (012375) are a basic that will save you, providing your skin with a feeling of freedom due to its aesthetics and comfort.

The plan is to give it all and stand out with a lot of style, you can choose a more romantic look and combine lingerie with outerwear. Bralettes (011369) (011374) are fresh and comfortable, you can wear them as short blouses or complement the outfit with a blazer, a sweater or blouses with transparency, that show the garment in a subtle and sexy way.

We want to inspire you on this occasion and that's why we present you with some alternatives of garments that will give your Valentine's Day an elegant and sophisticated touch. A body (025012) has just the right details to highlight your beauty, making you feel unique, because there should always be a deep and intimate connection with our body; a corset-type brassier (011377) will also elevate your outfit with its design and texture, you can even wear it as a complement, turning a basic look into an incredible one. It's all about feeling comfortable, confident, loved, and empowered.

Don't go without the ideal look for this date and have a Valentine's Day filled with excitement, combining lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and sensual. At Diane & Geordi, we always want to bring out your best version.

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