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Garments made of fabrics with intelligent tensions, without seams; with smooth finishes of pleasant ultra-soft texture that provide compression and comfort. Benefits of this line: Soft control in the torso, hips, thigh, waist, and belly, almost imperceptible under clothing.Β 
Panty boxer made of nylon (DJ01L4)
$ 7.38
Seamless Panty Boxer Made Of Nylon (2895)
$ 3.90
Seamless Top With Cups And Wide Straps Made Of Nylon (DJ17L4)
$ 12.90
Seamless panty boxer (0S1003)
$ 6.31
Seamless g-string cincher made of nylon (DJ04L4)
$ 22.99
Seamless Full Topless Body Made Of Nylon (DJ07L4)
$ 36.00
Seamless Full-Length Topless Body Made Of Nylon (DJ10L4)
$ 36.00
Seamless tank top (DJ11L4)
$ 9.52
Seamless Top with cups (0S2005)
$ 10.59
Seamless Topless Panty Body Made Of Nylon (DJ08L4)
$ 33.00
Seamless Panty Cincher Made Of Nylon (DJ05L4)
$ 22.99
Seamless Cupless Top (DJ03L4)
$ 10.59